Working Remote When Working Remote

Today I am working from Starbucks because the boy and my dog is at the groomers. Most couples who don’t live together have a dog together, right? It didn’t start that way. He started as the boys dog but has slowly turned into being our dog.

So as someone who works remote daily from my home office, I am working even more remote. What I want to be doing right now is not working. It doesn’t help that our Outlook server is out and my hands are relatively tied as to what I can accomplish. Turns out my entire work life is dependent upon Outlook.

You know what I wish I was doing while sitting here at Starbucks?

Planning our next vacation.
Picking out furniture for our next home (not that a next home is on the horizon).
Writing a witty blog post that is fully captivating, read by thousands and earning incremental revenue.
Working on my business plan for my side business.
Planning my next workout.
Planning my next meal based on something I saw on Pinterest.

Basically anything other than work.
Which is why I am writing here today for the first time in months.

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Spring Shoes

This time of year, the time of year where the weather is not yet warm but by definition isn’t cold…sucks.

Want to know why it sucks?

It really isn’t appropriate to be wearing my Uggs anymore (Yes, they are ugly. Yes, I know they are ugly and no I don’t care. They are like walking on a cloud and being hugged by your most very favorite person all at once.). And it isn’t warm enough to throw on flip flops or it is too wet because it seems as though it rains here on the daily.

So I get stuck throwing on a pair of “lifestyle” tennis shoes that my ex-husband bought me one year for Valentine’s Day. When I asked for running shoes. But these had pink on them and he thought they were cute.

I cringe every time I put them on.

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I’m all for the State

All things Iowa

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You Live Where?

Ever since I moved back to my small town I find myself routinely answering a two part question.

You live where??? What do you do??

Sometimes I am just dumbfounded by this question because…what exactly is it that you do? Do you think that those of us who live in small towns are still pumping water, using outhouses and riding horses to work?

On Monday last week I started my day with bootcamp at 5:30 am. Pretty much everyday begins with a 5:30 am workout. I continued my work until I began my professional day in my home office at 8 am. For lunch (another given on any day) I headed back to the gym and after work I went to cooking class hosted at our high school in town. Both the gym and the cooking class occurred in a 2 block radius of my home.

After work on Tuesday I attended a social media for small business seminar followed by a presentation on essential oils at a friends house. At most I was 3 miles from home.

Wednesday morning I was interviewed on local radio regarding a community wellness program I am spearheading for our chamber of commerce. That evening was bowling league. Don’t knock it. If someone says I will guarantee you 32 girls nights — you take it.

Thursday evening was my competitive volleyball league.

Friday I hosted the lunch and learn portion of the community wellness program where we featured a dietician who gave a presentation on healthy eating. After that it was off to the lake house.

Sounds like the life of someone bored to death in their small town right?

This past week I was in Atlanta for work. I had board meetings for an industry board I sit on. I was wearing some pretty kick ass shoes.


When someone said to me — “you don’t live (insert name of home state). Girls from (home state) don’t wear shoes like that.”

Face and palm collide. Head shakes.

Yes. Yes we do.

And we also wear flip flops, cowboy boots, tall boots, riding boots, work boots, snow boots, running shoes or whatever the occasion calls for.

We just don’t judge anyone for it.

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The Sucky Story

I really didn’t think I would have to worry about this for another 1 – 2 years.

My oldest corgi turned 12 this August. I knew he was getting older. I was prepared that my remaining time with him could be short. I just never knew that by November I would have to say goodbye.

He’s my guy.

I got him in September 2002. He was my college graduation present from my mom. He gave me a reason to come home from work every night. He became my everything.

He was by my side while single. When I fell in love. When I bought my first house. When I finished grad school. When I got married. When I bought the second house. When I found out my husband was cheating…he gave me a reason to get out of bed even on the worst days.

And he was by my side when I pulled myself back together. Moved home and started over. Fell in love. Found the life I always wanted.

He never questioned me. He always loved me.

And I just wasn’t ready.

I never thought I would have to say goodbye or make the terrible choice to put him down last week.

I would have done anything to make him better. I wish there would have been something I could have done. Being unable to help, to fix it….just sucked.

It flat f’ing sucked.

I hope he knows I did everything I could. I hope I made the choice he would have wanted me to make. I hope he knows how much I loved him and how I would have kept him with me for the rest of my life if I could.

I hope he knows….

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Yep, this happened

So my oldest furry kid is not well. Like not going to recover, not well. And it is gutting me.

So yesterday. Sunday. The boy and the littlest furry child came over for the day. I was making us a nice Sunday comfort meal of homemade pizza.

Because the oldest furry child is not well I have pretty much confined myself to my home. That morning I cut up 3 types of onion (red, white, sweet yellow), 3 peppers (red, yellow, green) and shredded 4 types of cheese (Parmesan, colby jack, sharp cheddar, pepperjack) and sliced salami cheese for snacking. This along with a host of other household chores like laundry, dusting etc. had me feeling domesticated.

Until I went to make the homemade crust.

I use this awesome, easy recipe and have done so a thousand times. But this time it wasn’t working.

Every single time (and we are talking 3x people) that I added the water it was like my dry ingredients disappeared.

First time I assumed the water I added was too hot and it was causing a reaction with the quick acting yeast.

Second I was flabbergasted.

Third time it hit me. What reacts with water?


It really helps if you grab the FLOUR and not the container holding powdered sugar when making your pizza crust.

In this instance….4th time was the charm.

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So This Happened

This morning I was super excited to wear a cute new workout tank. I bought it from this Etsy shop last week and it just screamed “me.”


(I bought this in the raspberry color).

I get to Power Hour this morning. I set my weights down in our group fitness gym and hear the instructor say she loves my tank. I run out quick to grab a towel. As I return to the gym the instructor stops me. Says I have to wear this.

And proceeds to peel my tank off over my head.

She did give me her tank to wear for the rest of class.

And now I know what to get her for the upcoming holiday season.

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