Miracle Challenge Day 1

Today marks day 1 of the Miracle Challenge where I commit to 27 days of wellness.

As promised, I was greeted with a custom email this morning based on the wellness track that I chose (boot camp). In my email contained the workout challenge that I needed to complete by the end of the day.

I headed off to the gym and completed my 4 mile walk with full intentions to return over the lunch hour to run and complete my Miracle Challenge workout. But…then life got in the way. Work cut into a so called lunch hour and suddenly I had less than 30 min to spare.

Never fear, knowing I had a packed evening in front of me I improvised. I broke out the trusty yoga mat and did the interval style workout they prescribed.

Notice the cut little workout coaches who cheered me on. :)

Notice the cut little workout coaches who cheered me on. šŸ™‚

Interval workouts at home can be a challenge so one thing I have found helpful is the Seconds – Timer for Interval Training app.

Free in your app store.

Free in your app store.

This app is amazing. You set the number of intervals you will be completing (in my case 3), the duration (1 min), the number of activities (4), name of activity (planks, push-ups, jumping rope, mountain climbers) and length of rest period (if applicable). You can color code your activities, it talks to you and will even tell you when you are halfway through. I may even upgrade to the paid version so that I can begin storing my interval workouts. It would be rather handy when I travel.

All told it took me 14 min to complete, I worked up a sweat and wasn’t totally bummed that I hadn’t made it back to the actual gym.

Hey, some effort is better than none right?

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