I may just have to admit it. I might start being a fan of Taylor Swift.

I’ve never been a hater. I just haven’t been a fan. In fact, I was largely annoyed that this young female could articulate her feelings better at 16 than I could in my late  20’s. And she laughed all the way to the bank with it.

But now, after watching this….I might have to be a fan.

Friends is just one of those shows I can always watch along with Fraiser (probably my fav), Golden Girls, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Dawson’s Creek and my beloved Beverly Hills 90210 (please put it back on TV!). And this duet is epic for anyone who was riveted by the will they or won’t they conundrum of Ross and Rachel.

Now if only this episode didn’t make me long for the golden era of Brad & Jen.

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