Love & Hate

Things I am loving right now:

  • I swear, I am the last person on Earth to try StitchFix and I LOVED it. From the ease of ordering to the packaging to the selections, every ounce of this experience was on point. I finally caved and tried it after seeing how incredibly personal the company was. Someone I know in town is going through a rough time, her husband is battling cancer, and not only did StitchFix send her clothing they described as comfy and warm to wear while sitting in the hospital but they also sent her a throw blanket she could take along too. In a separate shipment. No charge. I was sold.a
  • Facial Masks. I found these at Target on the cheap. I love a facial. My budget does not nor does my calendar. I just have so little time in general but being able to do these at home? Score.


  • HyVee began offering online ordering with grocery pick-up or delivery service. Order my groceries from home and just pick them up? Heaven on earth. Again, being strapped for time is always a struggle for me so cutting out that hour in the store? Love. I just wish I was were in the delivery radius. Perhaps they will expand. Perhaps my beloved Fareway will get on board.
  • The weather has taken a decidedly Fall turn which means it’s all about the Fabletics leggings (I have so many it is scary) and flats. The best part of Fabletics leggings is how versatile they are. From the gym, to errands to being layered they are perfect for all occasions.And really, how cute are these Target flats? They are a couple years old and just so fun.

FullSizeRender (2)

What I am hating right now?

  • That it is feeling like Fall. I am not ready to give up my weekends spent on the boat yet. I am not ready for the white fluffy stuff to be here. Or the fact that I can’t go anywhere without a jacket.
  • People who cancel a meeting and then send a separate email explaining the cancellation. You can do that in the original notification. Why duplicate your efforts. Enough. Save me the ding! Save the second pointless email.
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