Not really sure how Nashville got the nickname NashVegas but it did.

It has also evolved into the go to location for all things bachelorette party/girls trip and most recently for me – corporate conference.

This is how my trip started this past Sunday:

4 a.m. wake up call for an early morning flight. On a SUNDAY.


Arrive at the hotel. Not showered. In cute Fabletics yoga pants and Harley Davidson 3/4 length sleeved t-shirt plus a hat. Not exactly business attire. Which is when I find out that my room is not ready and won’t be until 4 p.m. and I am scheduled to co-present a session 3:30. Yay me!

I start getting ready in the public bathroom. My co-presenter, who arrived the day prior, offers her room. I start getting ready there and the hotel calls with my room.

Woo hoo.

But that is the last time I actually praise our hotel. Because the next day I return to my room for much needed decompression and find that housekeeping had turned my deadbolt so that the room was open….and walked away.

After checking for the boogie man AND ensuring that nothing was stolen I called guest services and was told – sometimes they do that for easy access back into the room if the cart is still in the area. Which it was a good 75 feet down the hall….doesn’t seem “in the area” to me. I asked to be taken off the housekeeping schedule for the duration of the trip. I was told they couldn’t do that. I needed to put my do not disturb sign out.

Oy vey.

Finally I got in touch with a manager who issued the proper apology I wanted. I didn’t need anything. I want them to correct the issue. My mom ran a housekeeping department for years. I am not one to shy away from a freshly made bed and fresh linens but leaving my room open for anyone and everyone to enter?

No thank you.

Then the icing on the cake? Lunch with a client and having our food crash to the floor 10 feet aw ay.

Business travel is glamorous. 😉

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