Being Me

It’s been quite some time since I have enjoyed an ideal day. A day built to serve my needs/interests/life goals. Lately I have been resentful that I have had so little time to do “my thing.” And the I got to wondering….

Do I even know what “my thing” is anymore?

If I woke up tomorrow and didn’t have to do anything for anyone else; what would I want my day to look like?

I would like to start by sleeping in. It doesn’t seem like I ever have time for sleeping anymore.

When I wake I would head to the gym per usual. I would run, I would do yoga, I would spend time walking so that I could catch up on my reading.

After the gym there would be breakfast prep and a shower.

I would curl up on the couch, drink my coffee and leaf through a magazine.

I would take the boy dog on a walk through town and recall how thankful I am to call this lil place home.

There would be lunch to consume.

I would write. I would write about whatever came to mind. I would write for others. I would work on projects that bring me passion.

I would nap. Because can you ever think of a bad day that included a nap? I can’t.

I would relax. I would be free of stress, anxiety, a calendar. I would just do when the doing needed done.

I would make a dinner for me and the boy to enjoy. The kind that is generally reserved for the weekends but is craved during the week.

I would be me.

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